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The North Ryde RSL Rams is a Baseball Club that competes in a competition predominantly in the northern suburbs of Sydney. The baseball section of the club was formed approximately 30 years ago by a few dads who wanted to give their kids something to do of a weekend. One of these dads, John Bottle, is one of our 4 life members. As our name suggests we are sponsored by a Returned Services League Club and as such all our players are members of the a aforementioned club and or its associated Youth Club.

We field senior teams in both Winter and Summer competitions, with on average 6 teams fielded in Summer and up to 9 in Winter. Grades range from A through to F and G grades and the competition is run by the Pacific Coast Baseball League. We field junior teams only in summer competition where we have about 20 teams, ranging from under 6 year old non-competitive T ball through to under 16 year olds. After the age of sixteen players move into the senior teams. In all our age groups and ranges of grades both men and women are welcome.

Our club colours are Royal Blue and Gold. Our uniform comprising of a Blue top with gold and white piping on the sleeve, white pants, blue socks and belt and a blue cap.

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Wondering about?


How long is the game?
What is the uniform?
Do I need to buy my own bat?


for all other enquiries contact us

  • What uniforms are required to buy?
    Players in Hawk and TBall are not required to buy any uniforms. Players are given loan pants and glove along with shirts and hats which are provided by the club. All other players need to purchase a glove, pants, belt and socks. Hats need to be purchased from the club. Live ball players need to wear cleats or soccer boots but not metal cleats. Male and Female players in Zooka and above are required to wear a cup and protection for safety.
  • Do I need to buy a glove?
    Hawk Ball players are provided a loan glove. For the rest of the junior and senior competitions all players are asked to bring their own glove.
  • Do I need to buy a bat?
    No. The club will provide a kit which includes bats the players can use.
  • Where is training?
    Training is set by the Coach and will be at either at Magdala or North Ryde RSL. Coaches will need to liaise with the club prior to the season commencing to determine time and location.
  • Where are home games?
    All Home Games for each team are played at Magdala. or ELS for Major and Junior Div1 teams.
  • Where are away game locations?
    Games can be located at various locations depending on the league your team is placed. The majority of competitions are played in the North which includes Greenway in Cherrybrook, Rofe Park in Hornsby and Golden Jubilee in Wahroonga. For a list of locations please have a look at Ryde Hawks Baseball League.
  • How long do games run?
    Games run between 60 minutes and 3 hours depending on the age of your child.
  • I am interested in coaching what do I do?
    We love to have more coaches! We support coaches throughout the year with coaching sessions. Please let us know you are interested in coaching on your child’s registration form.
  • I have old bats in good condition and would like to donate them to the club?
    Due to the 2019 change in Bat compositions the club no longer can accept donated bats prior to the 2019 season.
  • Do teams play over Christmas?
    The season takes a 6 week break over Christmas holidays
  • The season takes a 6 week break over Christmas holidays
    The season runs from mid October through to March. The 2020/21 season will start Friday 23rd October and run through until late March 2020 (with a break over Christmas).
  • Are there semi-finals and grand finals?
    As Hawk Ball is non competitive there are no finals. All other divisions play finals and grand finals.
  • Are children given a trophy?
    The club holds a Junior Presentation Day at the end of each season at Magdala Oval. Each child from Aussie Tball to Zooka receives a participation trophy, older age groups receive a medallion.
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